My Road Journey to Tirthan Valley – Jibhi, Shoja & Jalori Pass – Serolsar Lake Trek

“Great Things Are Done, When Men And Mountains Meet” I don’t know what do you think about this quote but I am strongly agree with this. I started my nomadic journey 2 years back, but I am still getting positive and energetic vibes from mountain whenever I visit or Wherever I visit. That’s why I love to explore the hills and valley area more than chilling out on a beach because here, I find new-new stories on every village and every valley and these story motivate me alot and teach me how to face the problems, how to do hard work on my dreams and reached on my goals like a climber reach on the top of the mountain after hard climbing of many hours and days…

This is a story of my recent journey to Tirthan Valley with my friends. I was visiting here the second time, but this time, I chose a different path and different villages to explore and mark done from my bucket list. Last time, I visited Banjar, Gusiyani, Nagini and Great Himalayan National Park and this time, I visited Jibhi, Shoja, Jalori Pass and Serolsar lake. Both regions are too scenic and beautiful. I prefer you to visit that Gusiyani and Great Himalayan National Park at the time of summer and monsoon where I prefer to visit Jibhi, Shoja and Jalori Pass at the season of snow – Winter. You will find heavy snow at Jalori Pass and the trail to Serolsar lake in between the months – November to February. 

Let’s come back to my journey and know How I Reached Here from Delhi?

After doing lots of hikes and treks, finally, I planned a road trip but I didn’t went on my own car. I booked a bus ticket to Aut and from there, I hired a Cab (Taxi) for Jibhi and Jalori Pass. It was overnight journey in a Volvo semi-sleeper bus which costed me Rs 1100 from Delhi (You can come by HRTC Ordinary bus as well, which cost you around Rs 650). From Aut, I booked a Cab (Tata Sumo Gold) for 2 days and went to Jibhi. We (me and my friends) paid Rs 4800 to taxi driver for 2 days and this road trip from Aut to Jibhi, Shoja, Jalori Pass and back. I think that was worth as we were traveling in the mountains area and the altitude was increasing on every single kilometer. 

Some Important Tips- 

  • Aut is not a famous village nor a big bus stop, so you need to book seat in a bus moving towards Manali and get down just before the Aut Tunnel.
  • I strongly prefer to do this tiring journey to Aut Overnight from Delhi or Chandigarh. 
  • We were 6 friends, so we booked a 7 seater Tata Sumo Gold Taxi, You can book a 5 seater car like Alto, Swift if you are coming in a small group.
  • If you are not able to find taxis there or want to book in advance. Here is contact of 1 local taxi Driver- Mr. Gopal – +91 8894942773

After the journey of 1 hour from Aut, We reached Jibhi and our first destination was Jibhi Waterfall. As I already said that I visited here at the time of winter, so the flow was not so much but it was so scenic. It is located on the walking distance from the Jibhi main market and you can reach here easily by doing 5-10 minutes walk from the road connectivity. Tirthan Valley is famous for bird watching as well. We saw many kind of birds here like-

After visiting that beautiful waterfall, it’s time to fill our tummy. So we planned to take lunch there in a cafe or restaurant. We visited a cafe named – Roller and Paddler Cafe near SBI ATM in Jibhi. The food was too delicious and in a decent budget as well. We tried the traditional dish of District Kullu – Siddu. It was good experience to took our lunch there. 

We took our lunch and that was the right moment to go beyond Jibhi and explore something new. We had around 4 hours to explore some untouched, before setting the sun. We visited a village called “Giyagi” located after the 3 km from Jibhi. After the 1 km steep drive from Giyagi, we found a homestay called- “No Society Cafe and Homestay” which was located in a very scenic and offbeat location, So we planned to book our stay there. They charges us Rs 1000 per room for 2 person which was good as per their services and location. We booked our stay and enjoyed the welcome drink there which was local Himachali Juice. After taking the rest of half an hour, our host, Mr. Nitesh Gupta bring us their own farms to show how they do farming there, how they use floating water to generate electricity and mixing the spices and wheat. 

We enjoyed the local village tour, forest hiking there. I think, it was too worth to spent time there instead of visiting the famous locations. We cut the wood from the trees and bring to our homestay for bonfire in the evening time. After coming back from that forest area, we took rest in front of the mesmerising view of Dhauladhar Range.

In Evening, we did bonfire and enjoyed a music night, tasted the too delicious food there which was 90% organic. In dinner, We ate Mix Veg, Rajma, Rice and Chapaties along with Desi Ghee and salad. The vegetable was too fresh and farmed in their own farms. After the dinner of this tiring and memorable day, We slept.

Some Important Tips- 

  • If you also planning to do forest Hiking there, bring the sports or trekking shoes with you. 
  • For Staying in “No Society Cafe and Homestay”, Contact – Mr. Piyush- +91 8219071303, The room is starting from Rs 800 here
  • I wrote a detailed review about that homestay on my another article, you can read that by clicking here – No Society Cafe and Homestay.
  • Don’t went too far from the village at the night time, this is a forest area, you may find any wildlife animals at night time.

Day – 2, Jalori Pass and Trek to Serolsar Lake-

That Morning, I was in deep sleep and heard a sound of Sai (the Care Taker) that sir, wake up! Your tea is ready. I woke up after a beautiful sleep in the lap of nature. I took my tea and went to the balcony area, enjoyed that cup of tea with fresh air, positive vibes of valley and the panoramic view of Dhauladhar range. 

After the delicious breakfast (Aalo Parantha with Ghee and Pickles, Sandwich, Matar Paneer), we started our journey towards Jalori Pass. It was 7 km steep journey to Jalori Pass from our homestay. We explored an another village named- Shoja, on the way to Jalori Pass. This is also an offbeat village and we got an awesome view of snowcapped Jalori Pass and other high peaks of this region from that village. We spent 20 minutes there and moved towards Jalori Pass.

On the Jalori Pass, I took my first step on snow. It was snow everywhere. The roads are covered with snow and the snowcutter was cleaning the roads. I got mesmerised after watching this view and that awesome weather. We played in snow a lot. There is a temple of Kali mata at the Jalori Pass, we visited there. After that, we took a cup of tea from a Dhaba (Small Restaurant) near to the temple and started our trek to Serolsar Lake.

There is 2 trails for Serolsar lake. First one is shortcut, easy but not so scenic and the second one is long, moderate but so scenic. I think, you already guessed it! Yes, we chose the second one. Very few people know about that trail, so we were alone on that trek. Our host, Mr. Piyush, bring us there and it was unbelievable. From the top of that trail, we show too many high peaks of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand like – Kinner Kailash, Pin Parvati Range, Lambri Top, Srikhand Mahadev, Gangotri, Yamnotri, Dhauladhar Range etc. All Thanks to our host, Mr. Piyush for bringing us here. That trek made our trip unforgettable.

After the hiking of 3 hours, we reached the Serolsar Lake. It was so scenic lake with its unique stories. It is one of the famous holy lake of state Himachal Pradesh. Nobody knows the depth of this lake. This is a temple of goddess – “Bhudhi Nagin” in the bank of this lake. There are lots of stories, you get know when you stayed in a homestay with locals. After spending 1 hour near this amazing lake, we went back to Jalori Pass by that shortcut way because this time, we were doing trek down. 

After reaching the Jalori Pass, we took our lunch there. The prices was normal, not so much high as you may find in other tourist places. After the lunch, it was the time to leave that beautiful and scenic Tirthan valley. All were little bit emotional because all knew that they need to go office tomorrow. All were feeling that why this Monday comes in the Calendar! haha…

We went to Aut from the Jalori Pass which took around 2 hours. In Aut, we took dinner and catch the bus for back to Delhi.

Again, I came back to the city from the mountain, Again I need to sit on my desk and do work for 12 hours in a Day. It was an unforgettable journey in which we explored the waterfall in Jibhi, forest in Ghiyagi, Snowy Jalori Pass and Holy Serolsar Lake of Tirthan valley. We spent a fine weekend in the lap of nature with a decent budget. I spent around Rs 5000 for this trip for 2 days and 3 nights from Delhi. 

Some Important Tips- 

  • There is no ATM in Shoja and Jalori Pass, so if you want to withdraw your cash. Do it from Jibhi. 
  • Networks are not available everywhere, so inform your parents or Guardians before visiting here.
  • You can do the trek to Serolsar Lake without a guide if you are going by the main trail but if you are planning to visit on the trail, we chose, then I prefer you to hire a Guide. For hiring a guide, you can contact – Mr. Piyush- +91 8219071303.
  • Carry some chocolates and water bottle before start your trek.

So, that was my experience of doing road trip to Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. I hope you like it and this information help you in planning your trip to Tirthan valley. If Yes, then please share you valuable feedback on the comment section. You can also ask any question about the Tirthan Valley as well. Will See You Soon with some new travel stories. Stay Tuned…

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Happy Traveling 🙂

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